• atmosphera Atmosphera (180g vinyl LP, £24.95)

    label: Anazitisi Records

    ATMOSPHERA broke into the Israeli progressive rock scene only in 1977, as part of the classic progressive rock of the seventies. Based on the Israeli pop music of the sixties with bands like The Churchillís, The Lions (The Lions Of Judah), Uzi and the Styles, and alike. In 1975, one of Israelís best Progressive bands, Zingale (ZINGALE) was formed, and released the only album called PEACE in 1977, a rubber stamp of quality of the Israeli progressive rock. Later, of course, when Zingale disbanded, their guitarist Efraim Barak joined Atmosphera, with positioning of lightning as a soloist with a high voice, suited mainly because the band adopted the classical style of the UK popular progressive band YES. 1977 was supposed to be published the first record of the band, based on the story of The Lady Of Shallot, poem by British poet Alfred Lord Tennyson (ALFRED LORD TENNYSON), and that stranger stories from the Knights, Knights of the Round Table, Richard Bronze Lionheart and Sir Lancelot. This project unfortunately, did not last long. Recorded only two sections studios Kolinor Tel Aviv and the band became defunct in 1978. Despite its short life, Atmosphera has been a breath of fresh air in the Israeli reality of the mid-seventies onwards. It showed, in addition to the composition of other outstanding mentioned above and others, have talented musicians in Israel and that can be created in Israel quality music no less than British or American. In 2001 this music was released on an audio CD and was quickly to become OOP. Now, for the first time on Vinyl format, it is with great pleasure to honour this great piece of music again, this time in the right musical format. Official reissue in collaboration with ARS Records, Israel. Includes: * Special carton (canvas like) cover. * 4-page insert with bio and photos. * Limited to 150 copies.

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