• robbie the werewolf At the Wale Back (CD, £10.95)

    label: Gearfab

    A CD-reissue of a truly weird and unique album from 1964, featuring a frantic folk-singer, obsessed with monsters, active in California's coffee-house circuit. With his long red hair and matching beard, Robbie was a striking performer with a manic stage presence, acting out his songs as much as singing them. His set consisted of his original songs and uniquely reworked versions of folk standards, played on a beat-up twelve-string guitar. Robbie would later join The Brain Train in 1967 and his wife Barbara "Sandi" Robinson would become the lead vocalist for The Peanut Butter Conspiracy. The CD features liner notes from the Conspiracy's Alan Brackett and UK collector extraordinaire Gary Newell.

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