• al lover Cave Ritual Redux (coloured vinyl LP, £14.75)

    The LP is pressed (in a limited edition) on jelly swirl green vinyl. For those who aren’t already familiar with the workings of Al Lover then allow Stolen Body Records to introduce you to this exceptional, experimental producer from San Francisco – who has been gaining much notoriety for his melding of contemporary past garage and psychedelic rock into harsh yet spacey abrasive beats. Influenced as much by The 13th Floor Elevators as DJ Shadow, Al Combines crunchy drums, shaky percussion, chopped samples and layers of textured effects to create an unexplored path for psychedelic music, offering an earthy and loose approach that sounds more like you’re listening to a DMT fuelled psych band than a beat made on an MPC. Cave Ritual Redux exhibits Al Lover re-inventing his already unique style by adding a new dimension to his previous album Cave Ritual released at the end of 2014r. With this offering, Al Lover takes older ideas and reinvigorates them with new textures, layers, imagination and creates a new body of mind altering work. TRACKS: 1. Cave Ritual (Holy Mountain Redux) 2. Broken Binary 3. Flight Patterns (Deconstructed Drone Redux) 4. Lumerians - Hook For An Eye (Al Lover Reinterpretation) 5. Laboratory Broadcast In Stereo 6. Genesis Porridge (Heart Chakra Redux) 7. Yoko Ono as Martian Landscape 8. Brian Jonestown Masochist (Anton Newcombe Reinterpretation)

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