• stone the crowz Protest Songs 85-86 (CD, £5.95)

    label: overground

    Formed in East London / Essex, a mutual love of Crass and all things anarcho first brought Trevor Speed and Trevor Delasalle together and the band was formed. After several false starts with different musicians they finally found what they were looking for in Steve Beatty (drums) and Matthew Sheath (bass). Very quickly their had a set and made their live debut supporting The Subhumans. • In just under a year the band were in the studio and recorded their first six track demo in 1985. All the anarcho subjects were covered but with three vegetarians and one vegan in the band our real passion was animal rights. • A second demo with a much angrier feel soon followed. This time the words were backed up with members of the band being involved in hunt sabbing and other forms of direct action. Tracks from both demos ended up of vinyl: Mortarhate’s We Won't Be Your Fucking Poor, Endangered Music’s Relying On Us EP and Punk Lives, Let’s Slam released by Slam Records. • The band disbanded soon after due to the all-encompassing phrase ‘musical differences’ with a metal edge was now being incorporated into the songwriting.

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