• bobby browser Clubspinning (12", £10.95)

    label: 100% Silk

    Bobby Browser’s human counterpart, Andre Ferreira, decamped to Brooklyn last year after nearly a decade in San Francisco but his Pacific moods and Portuguese slang remain undiminished. Clubspinning is his latest EP, culled from a series of 2013 sessions based around a Yamaha SU700 Sampling Unit, the tracks “selected to represent the most unique and memorable performances during that time.” Mission accomplished: “Clubspinning” and “No Attachments” are rich glitterball glides, soft-lensed and silk-spun; “Manchester” a baffling bass-prowler dubbed with synthetic flute and Factory samples; and “Go 90” is a complete soul-in-the-rain ghost comedown, misted in piano, voice, and percussion, empty house for blue lights. That pieces this sculpted came mainly via hardware intuition is beyond impressive – limitations turned hyperfocus. This is Browser at his best, strobing but smooth, four gems of weirdly elegant smiley face minimalism. Mixed by Matthew Patterson Curry at Transmitter Park Studios in Greenpoint, BK. Mastered by Eric Hanson at Maven in Los Angeles. Centre label artwork by SF club cat Primo Pitino.

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