• black tower The Secret Fire (LP, £14.50)

    label: no idea

    BLACK TOWER hail from Ottawa, Canada, but it might as well be Middle Earth. Or at least a Middle Earth as filtered through heavy metal. Tolkien would probably not approve, but generations raised on his books as well as Iron Maiden and assorted black metal records will nod their longhaired heads in appreciation.  In short, BLACK TOWER is metal that wears its nerd credentials proudly on its sleeve. You don't sing Under the Lonely Mountain! loud and proud in your opening song, or marry the sensibilities of Slough Feg to early Dissection and an almost Bad Religion-ish punk catchiness, without knowing exactly what you are. A lot goes into the mix, but as with any good recipe, what comes out has a flavour all its own.  With only a self-titled demo under their belts, the three members of BLACK TOWER (who have played in many other outfits, most notably punk bands Crusades, The Creeps and The Visitors) entered Apartment 2 Recordings in winter 2014 to track their debut LP The Secret Fire with fellow Ottawan and Fuck The Facts mastermind Topon Das.  To quote Eric / Unspeakable Axe: "It took me all of two songs to fall under its spell, and I hope that holds true for you guys when you eventually get to hear it. Just consider this the beginning of a journey you're Bilbo, the band and I are Gandalf and a bunch of unruly dwarves, and you're being beckoned down a strange new road. And if that metaphor was a little too nerdy for you, best to bow out now. Otherwise, good times lie ahead."  Includes download code!

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