• a day in my mind's mind vol. 4  (CD, £10.50)

    'HURT, LOVE & FIRE'. Volume 4 in this excellent series featuring lost Pop-Psych treasures. A compilation of heavy psych, pop psych and sunshine pop from New Zealand's psychedelic scene 1966-1972. Volume 4 soars to the sonic heights from the heavier side of the Kiwi psychedelic scene before descending into the valley of pop psych and sunshine pop. Like the first three volumes this CD explodes with landmark recordings and unreleased tracks, while paying homage to all involved with extensive liner notes and photos (in the 10-page booklet). The stories behind the music are just as colourful as the music itself. You get 27 tracks in all, including contributions from The Avengers, The Brew, Sebastians Floral Array, Tom Thumb, The New Zealand Trading Company, The Underdogs, Lew Pryme and many more.

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