• cosmotropia de xam The Complete Surrealistica Uniferno (DVD, £9.50)

    label: Phantasma Disques

    'The Early Works Of Cosmotropia de Xam Vol. 1'. The complete Surrealistica Uniferno (1 & 2). DVD-9, Region 0, PAL. Bonus features: soundtracks (DVD-ROM-PART), polaroids of SU Gallery, artwork gallery + lobby cards gallery. Surrealistica Uniferno: An inner conflict, banned on film, visualized within surreal absurd dreamlike layers. Psychedelic like a dark LSD trip and injected by their multiple-personality control system, the good witch Surrealistica and the bad witch Uniferno, run into the inner system of their bodies. Without any security, their rivalry grows to a point of losing all control in an nuclear Inferno.

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