• federation x Rally Day (CD, £12.50)

    label: estrus

    Unmistakably American, with deep roots in the dirt-rock, power violence & country music tradition of its native semi-rural Washington state, FED Xs powerful, purty ruckus shares more than a little of its DNA with plow-core pioneers Karp, a youthful staple for members Ben & Beau X. They also tip hats to songwriters like Bob Dylan & Steve Earle & guitarists like Doug Martsch & Tony Iommi. The result is a uniquely coherent approach to western heavy rock. 2 four-string guitars fuzzy-pumped through Sunn amplifiers (Bill and Ben) & a powerful & animated drummer (Beau). That classic solid-state plough of the Sunn amplifier - a cheap, loud behemoth that defined the Karp & Unwound sounds - underpins their sound like a rusty iron truss.

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