• handsome family Through the Trees / Invisible Trees (blue vinyl LP + CD, £15.25)

    label: loose

    1998 album available in Europe for the first time on vinyl. Pressed on heavyweight sky blue vinyl Includes exclusive bonus 'Invisible Trees' CD of 15 previously unreleased Through The Trees era demos, rarities and live tracks:- 1. Cathedrals (demo) 2. Down In The Ground (demo) 3. The Giant Of Illinois (demo 4. Where The Birch Trees Lean (demo) 5. Weightless Again (instrumental) 6. Cathedrals (instrumental) 7. The Giant Of Illinois (instrumental) 8. I Fell (instrumental) 9. The Woman Downstairs (instrumental) 10. Last Night I Went Out Walking (instrumental) 11. Cathedrals (live) 12. My Sisterís Tiny Hands (live) 13. Weightless Again (live) 14. The Giant Of Illinois (live) 15. Down In The Ground (live). Tracklisting 

1. Weightless Again
 2. My Sister's Tiny Hands
 3. Stalled 
4. Where the Birch Trees Lean 
5. Cathedrals 
6. Down in the Ground 
7. The Giant of Illinois
 8. Down in the Valley of Hollow Logs
 9. I Fell
 10. The Woman Downstairs
 11. Last Night I Went Out Walking
 12. Bury Me Here

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