• exploited 1980-83 (4 CD boxed set, £19.75)

    label: anagram

    Value for money 62 track Box Set from one of the Punk scene’s biggest and most successful bands.  Includes the National Chart albums “Punks Not Dead” (No.20) and “Troops Of Tomorrow” (No.17) as well as the Indie Chart Top Ten “Let’s Start A War”.  Disc Four collates all of the bands singles between 1980-1983 including National Chart hits ‘Dogs Of War’ (No.65), ‘Dead Cities’ (No.31) and ‘Attack’ (No.50).  Also contains the Indie Chart hit singles ‘Army Life’ (No.6), ‘Exploited Barmy Army’ (No.4) and ‘Rival Leaders’ (No.11)  Each CD comes in its own cardboard slip cover depicting the original LP artwork and is packaged in a sturdy clam shell box set.  Box includes a 16 page booklet with detailed liner notes and pictures of all relevant sleeves.

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