• monoganon Monoganon (MC, £6.95)

    label: Lost Map Records

    Inc. download code. Monoganon are a Glasgow-formed four-piece, led with strength of artistry, willpower and broadband connection from Malmö, Sweden by inestimable singer, guitarist and songwriter, Scottish ex-pat John B. McKenna, with dexterous and intuitive support from drummer Colin Kearney, guitarist Andrew Cowan and bassist Susan Bear (and second drummer Keith Smith, when he’s not on an organic Zen Buddhist farm in Bordeaux). They promise to invite mass wonderment with their curious and captivating concoction of psych-folk, art-pop and slacker rock – a definitively uncategorisable, time-signature-shifting head-spin of unpredictable forays into dreamy acoustic exotica, Pavement-worthy off-kilter riffs, fuzzed-out post-rock catharsis and choruses, Jim, but not as we know them. Following on from 2013 album, FAMILY, this tape release features 6 new tracks on side A and a 21 minute epic sonic jam on Side B. Lost Map cassettes are currently only available from select independent record shops and at live shows. SIDE A 1. Afropunk 03:42 2. Kissing 03:27 3. Punktuation 04:37 4. Wifi Skane 03:12 5. Monoganon = Black Hole 05:29 SIDE B 6. Nonoganom - PARENTAL GUIDANCE 21:55

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