• datblygu Erbyn Hyn (8-track CD, £5.35)

    label: ankst

    A new mini-lp of Datblygu material. David and Patricia decided in early 2014 to reconvene and travel down to the Cardiff studios of legendary contemporaries Llwybr Llaethog ( John Griffiths and Kevs Ford ) to set up a one day recording session that would bring into existence the songs that would constitute 'ERBYN HYN'('BY NOW').Once again Datblygu offer a collection of unique songs that startle and unsettle as much as ever. The voice is strong and the simple music is free, playful and spiky providing a natural fit for the words that bite deep in songs such as 'Dim Achos', 'Cerdd(o'r)iaith' and 'Can Werin'. The thematic concerns of these new songs will be familiar to long term followers of the poetry of David R. Edwards as love, sex, agriculture, education, incarceration, freedom and sanity reappear in David's most recent work. The fate of alternative, confrontational and challenging music from Wales is in safe hands once again the story will continue. 1.ACHOS. (affair) 2.DIM ACHOS (no affair). 3. CAN WERIN. (folksong) 4.PWYNT.(point) 5.CERDD(O'R)IAITH.(poem for the language) 6.BYDOLWG.(worldview) 7.PAWB.(everyone) 8.TEIMLAD2. (feeling2)

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