• françoise hardy Françoise Hardy (LP, £12.95)

    During the second half of the sixties in Italy, besides the beat music trend and the Italian-sung cover songs of famous artists from other countries, there were some who, such as Jolly Records, 'imported' some French artists, sometimes granting them an even greater success than they had in their own country. The appearance of the 'Hardy movement' in Italy dates back to 1963. Just a year before, she had an instantaneous and fortunate debut, when her first single 'Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles' was televised on the same night as a presidential election event: this exposed her to millions of people, and from one day to another gave her an unexpected popularity that, combined with her great charm, raised her immediately as a new youth idol. This single is included here as is 'Quelli Della M Mia Età', along with several other songs imported from her French repertoire.

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