• rozi plain Joined Sometimes Unjoined (digipak CD, £9.50)

    label: Lost Map Records

    Following her 2008 debut Inside Over Here, English singer-songwriter Rozi Plain ups her game in some style with a beautifully inventive set of elegantly shifting, tumbling and prettily-adorned left-field folk-pop tunes that elicit a warm smile and a flutter of the heart at every turn without ever sitting comfortably in any particular niche. Joined Sometimes Unjoined finds Rozi accompanied for the first time on record by a full band, her sparse vocal and finger-picked electric and acoustic guitar arrangements fleshed out across ten tracks with a revolving cast of layered voices, soft-tumbling percussion, steel-pan drums, violin, piano and lilting brass. It’s a warm, summer-sun blend of melody that all revolves in perfect symmetry around Rozi’s unique and alluring voice. The playful jolt of lead single ‘Humans’ balances with the heartbreakingly solemn vocal of ‘Days Minutes’; equally the carefree birdsong whistle of ‘Eating In Your House’ is matched by the happy-go-lucky yelp of ‘See My Boat’.

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