• henrik rylander Object Subject to Change (LP, £14.25)

    label: ideal recordings

    "Object Subject To Change" is Henrik Rylander's fourth album for iDEAL but the first since 2009. Rylander is king of hypnotising, focused feedback drone with razor-sharp noise and monotonous pulse. Music that feels as comfortable in academic worlds as in filthy basements. Henrik Rylander was the drummer of the provocative, sweaty and chaotic garage rock band Union Carbide Productions (1987-1993). After a few years focusing on his visual art (photography) he started experimenting in sound and especially with feedback and static rhythms. In 1998 his first solo album was released but it was not until 2003 with the massive ”Formation” album for Leif Elggren’s Firework label he had found the recipe of intensity that he is known for today. In 2004 the ”Traditional Arrangements of Feedback” CD was released on iDEAL which led to a worldwide focus on Rylander’s work. In 2005 he formed the monotonous avant rock group The Skull Defekts together with Joachim Nordwall. Henrik Rylander is also active exhibiting his sound- and visual-art. He is no doubt one of the sharpest, heaviest and most conceptual Swedish artists around today. The LP is limited to 250 copies. Act fast. Track List: A1. Object (05.57) A2. Subject (14.05) B1. To (11.01) B2. Change (09.21)

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