• elaste vol. 4: meta-disco & proto-house  (CD, £11.25)

    label: Compost

    "Welcome to the fourth chapter of the Elaste series! In this compilation I am progressing a style I am inaugurating: Vintage Futurism. The best metaphor for this genre is Charanjit Singh's 1982 album Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat in which he created a sound which mirrors, but more importantly pre-dates, the first acid house record by five years. It is no novelty record, but truly capturing the hypnotic potential of acid/house music. It became my key track for Elaste Vol. 4. Previous incarnations of Elaste have aimed to catch the spirit of the late 70's Italian Cosmic Discotheque, a place where the history of DJing was rewritten within this microcosm. For this latest instalment I was most intrigued by weird of-the-time (or ‘out-of‘ as the case turned out to be) electronic disco, a vast genre! Bringing together those progressive avant-garde tracks that were expanding the genres of house, disco, acid, new wave; and ultimately use Elaste as a vehicle to highlight those tracks that were ahead of their time. These legendary works ranges from 1978 to 1996, a wide spectrum of musical history, in which some of the older tracks may sound modern, and newer ones sound may sound vintage. Many of these authentic back-to-the-aural-future moments were initial sparks for whole genres - Larry Heard‘s Disco-D alias happened just before house music. Greg Wilson‘s 1984 project Equip was produced for a UK Electro compilation, but never made the LP, because it sounded simply too futuristic. Michael Rinder‘s Gluttony can‘t be called Disco any more, not even Post-Disco. For Elaste Vol. 4 we have built Vintage Futurism as a home for these ultramodern mavericks." - Dompteur Mooner. About Dompteur Mooner - Mooner stepped into the limelight as part of Zombie Nation, whose 1999 smash hit 'Kernkraft 400' was signed to DJ Hell's Gigolo label and earned worldwide chart success. As one of the most knowledgeable experts in obscure vintage electronic music, Mooner however decided to do things a little less obvious from that point on: he left Zombie Nation and founded Erkrankung durch Musique, a label dedicated to releasing left-field electronica, from techno to experimental pop, old and new. He is also a highly regarded DJ. TRACKLISTING: 1. Charanjit Singh "Raga: Madhuvanti", 2. C Cat Trance "Shake The Mind", 3. Cybotron "Mumbo Jumbo", 4. Rinder & Lewis "Gluttony (Dompteur Mooner Edit)", 5. Man Friday " Love Honey, Love Heartache, (Larry Levan's Original Unreleased Garage Demo Mix)", 6. Barbara Norris "Heavy Hitter (Dompteur Mooner Edit)", 7. Change "The End (Lp Version)", 8. Gino Soccio "Remember (Lp Version)", 9. Nad "Distant Drums", 10. Equip "Xxxo", 11. Sandee "Notice Me (Notice The House Mix)", 12. Disco D "Beat It", 13. Dopplereffekt "Infophysix".

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