• frijid pink Frijid Pink (LP, £22.75)

    label: akarma

    From Detroit, Michigan this act was a fine example of the local hard rock and blues scene. They enjoyed three top 100 hits in the US, but their finest moment was their highly original rock arrangement of 'House Of The Rising Sun', which is especially notable for some superb guitar work. Produced by Michael Valvano, their debut album also sold well, peaking at no. 11 in the charts. Apart from 'House Of The Rising Sun' and 'Cryin' Shame' (written by Valvano), all their material was written by Beaudry and Thompson. Recorded in New York and entirely composed of original tracks penned and produced by the group, the second album also met with some commercial success, climbing to no 149. Both albums combine hard rock and blues and are recommended to fans of the genre. The group then broke up and Rick Stevers assembled a new line-up with Craig Webb (ex-Lost Nation) on guitar.

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