• immolation Unholy Cult (digipak CD + DVD, £17.50)

    label: Listenable

    This album is amazing, Immolation reached their most brutal climax, the songs are indeed unholy, and the lyrics.oh man the lyrics are beautiful, the album starts with "Of Martyrs And Men" the intro is slow and a little boring, but then a violent riff opens that song and everything begins to suit, the vocals are atrocious and aggressive (the most aggressive vocals I've heard in immolation history, there's no doubt Dolan is one of the best "screamers" out there) this song talks about well just read this dudes ".Ravaged by their words and into their open arms, like thieves they'll steal your mind and use it to control.Do you think you follow greatness, Do you think you follow the divine." well we all know what Immolation is trying to say here, right? - Metal Storm

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