• matt kivel Double Exposure (LP, £17.95)

    label: Olde English Spelling Bee

    8.0 ON PITCHFORK: “Mark Nieto produced Double Exposure, and his work is strong enough to serve as a supporting character. (Paul Oldham mixed and mastered the album). Atmosphere is a fragile strength, the first quality to disappear when pressed, but it blossoms in headphones, and it's really in this setting that you should hear Double Exposure.” "Matt Kivel once played in the garage rock group Gap Dream, but he's recently begun recording his own warm, serene folk that moves at the same contemplative pace as Nick Drake. On "Tetro," his voice - slightly reminiscent of Califone's Tim Rutili, but more boyish - traces an easily loping melody that he doubles on his guitar, which is capo'd high so the strings twinkle more than they resonate. A clear night-sky shimmer of ambient synth work hovers in the background, lending a quietly cosmic air that will also be familiar to fans of Mount Eerie's recent work. The song keeps dissolving off into silence, Kivel trailing off while the hollow synths ripple upward - half hum, half hymn". - Jayson Greene (Pitchfork). Olde English Spelling Bee is proud to announce the release of Double Exposure - the debut solo album by Los Angeles based musician Matt Kivel. Double Exposure was recorded over the span of a year and a half in various L.A. locations with the assistance of Mark Nieto and it was mixed by Paul Oldham. The album art features original paintings by Max Markowitz. “Most of the record was done at this rehearsal space that Mark had moved into above Solutions Audio in Los Feliz. He was living there and there was no shower. It was pretty gnarly. We would meet at night, drink whiskey, and talk about music. We spent a lot of time listening to Bruce Springsteen - though it doesn’t show in the record - I was convinced that “Born To Run” was the best song ever written. I was watching a lot of movies - I have this ambitious program where I’m trying to watch the entire Criterion Collection. A lot of those films influenced the work on this record: Kurosawa’s “Ran” and Pasolini’s “Salo” left a big impression on me. “Salo” is one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen. Other things that I was into at the time of this record: John Renbourn “The Lady and the Unicorn”, Saul Bellow’s “Herzog”, Broadcast “Tender Buttons”, Fennesz “Endless Summer”, John Woo’s “The Killer”, Peter Weir’s “Picnic At Hanging Rock”, Steve McQueen’s “Hunger”, Bert Jansch “Lucky 13”, and lots of Nick Drake” - Matt Kivel. Tracklisting: 1 Tetro 2 Elesion 3 Rainbow Trout 4 Kes 5 Double Exposure 5 White Rice 5 Whip 6 Tetra 7 All Well Be Well 8 Days Of Heaven

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