• captain beefheart and his magic band Live At the Bickershaw Festival 1972 (hand numbered 180g blue vinyl double LP, £23.50)

    label: Ozit

    Limited edition: initial pressing run of only 500 units. Don Van Vliet and the Magic Band at Bickershaw Festival 1972. Described by Joe Strummer - who sat in the mud as an audience member and avidly watched this late night performance - as “the best live performance concert set I have ever seen” It’s a “warts and all” recording but probably one of the best performances the Spotlight Kid era band made in the UK. Don makes some great comments between the songs too. Track listing: Side 1 1)Rockette Morton’s Bass Solo 2)Mascara Snake 3)When It Blows Its Stacks 4)Click Clack 5)Grow Fins 6)Hobo Chang Ba Side 2 7)I’m Gonna Booglarise You Baby 8)Old Black Snake 9)Peon 10)Abba Zabba Side 3 11)Alice In Blunderland 12)My Human Gets Me Blues 13)Steal Sofly through Snow Side 4 14)Golden Birdies 15)Spitball Scalped A Baby

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