• gun club cemetery Gun Club Cemetery (CD, £1.50)

    label: 359 Music

    “I never knew Alex wrote ballads till last year. They’re very big and beautiful songs, which is a hard thing to create for an ex-boxer.” - Alan McGee.  Gun Club Cemetery love good old-fashioned, down and dirty guitar music but like the bands who have inspired them – The Faces and The Stones – they can also turn a hand to a sensitive, heart-rending piano ballad.  Formed just over a year ago, the band are fronted by Perth-based singer Alex Lowe (vocals, piano, guitar).  Gun Club Cemetery release their debut album on the back of their single ‘Needle Aside’.  Alan originally got to know Alex when he was singer in Creation Records band Hurricane #1 in the late 1990s.  Their self-titled debut boasts infectious retro guitar grooves (Black Keys and Oasis). Alex's new-found love of Americana contrasts bar-room rockers to heart-rending slowies.  Gun Club Cemetery have already kicked up a storm with a self-produced digital EP. “Gun Club Cemetery are a cool new combo.” - Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets).

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