• alpaca Demimonde (CD, £11.50)

    label: Robotic Empire

    Los Angeles / Brooklyn duo Alpaca is comprised of vocalist Justin Nuckols and multi-instrumentalist Allen Blickle. Their debut album, Demimonde, recorded over a five-year period across locations in New York and the membersí native Virginia, draws from material conceived during arduous tour schedules for Baroness, the accomplished hard rock band for which Blickle drummed. His dance, pop and melody-driven compositions juxtapose with Nuckolsís darker, groove-focused, and harmonic vocal explorations. The musical collaboration between these ex-step-brothers began in the late 1990's while the two were still high school students in the small Appalachian town of Lexington, VA. After separate nomadic wanderings around the States during their early 20s, Nuckols and Blickle both wound up in Brooklyn, NY, in 2007. Alpaca quietly and intermittently recorded material between Baronessís tour activities, finally hunkering down in the winter of 2012-13 to expand their mutual visions and perfect mixes. The pair ultimately finished a body of work many years in the making and the end result is a reflective and cinematic experience, musing in concert through a balance of cynicism, uncertainty and optimism.

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