• randolph's leap Real Anymore (mini-CD, £7.50)

    label: Olive Grove Records

    Famed for their prolific output (2012 saw the release of an album, a mini-album, an EP and a compilation album… with bonus EP), the Randolph’s Leap store cupboard of song recently reached full capacity and these 7 diverse ingredients were pulled out to create the tasty stir-fry of noise you are now enjoying. Mmmmm! The Real Anymore mini-album pits Nature against Technology, love against loathing and humour against heartbreak. You will find tongue-in-cheek wit aplenty as Adam recounts his imagined career as a telephone psychic and tackles issues of ‘tweeness’ with self-deprecatory aplomb. Moments of darkness and doubt also await you as you scratch beneath the chirpy veneer but - worry not - our protagonist finds ultimate salvation in the great outdoors and emerges jubilant, clutching a string of typically tenuous rhyming couplets. Eschewing recording studios’ technological toolboxes in favour of their own DIY dulcet dormitories, the entire mini-album was recorded and produced by Pete MacDonald (the State Broadcasters) and Adam Ross from the comfort of their own homes.

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