• arbouretum A Gourd of Gold (CD, £9.95)

    label: Latitudes

    Exclusive recording from Arbouretum, featuring four covers of Gordon Lightfoot songs. 1000 hand packaged CDs in foil blocked envelope style folder with colour insert. From the time we started Latitudes, we've held a secret wish list of bands that we intended to lure into our studio. We've cut a major notch in our bedpost by finally scoring with Arbouretum, a band that meets universal approval at Latitudes HQ. Arbouretum offer up four cover versions of the brilliant Gordon Lightfoot, the oft-overlooked Canadian singer-songwriter who helped define the folk-rock sound of the Sixties and Seventies. The highlight of the session is unsurprisingly the song that Lightfoot considers to be his finest work, the ballad telling the tale of the doomed cargo ship the Edmund Fitzgerald, which sank in Lake Superior in 1975, taking 29 crew to their watery graves. TRACKLISTING: 01. THE WRECK OF THE EDMOND FITZGERALD 02. CAREFREE HIGHWAY 03. PROTOCOL 04. EARLY MORNING RAIN

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