• ariel pink Thrash and Burn (double LP, £7.95)

    An absorbing look at Ariel Rosenberg's early musique concrète epic. All songs written, recorded and produced by Ariel Pink. Disc #1 Tracklist 1/Shoes 2/Foul Play 3/Pleasure Spot 1 (Sweet Jane Rock n Roll) 4/Innagecko 5/I Disguise You 6/Cemetary Suite 7/Starry Eyes 8/Those Were the Days (Now I'm 21) 9/Disco MIA AKA Bust a Move 10/Nothing At All / Different Names 11/Memorial 12/Brother Sister 13/Funeral 14/Leggos 15/Double Jeopardy 16/Red Vinyl 17/Feel It with Your Landlord 18/White Rain in the Windy Summer Disc #2 Tracklist 1/White Rain Reprise 2/On the Beach 3/The Andalusian 4/Half Girls Half Boys 5/Cry Yourself to Sleep (12 minute Overture) 6/Rita Mae Brown 7/50 Cents 8/Cuz You're Dead (Lester Bangs) 9/Dawn 10/Pleasure Spot 3 - See You Are 11/Rainy Den 12/Red Room 13/Pleasure Spot 2 - Lucinda Cunt 14/Equus 15/You Die Slowly and Then You Die 16/Kamikaze 17/I Won't See You Again 18/Life Song

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