• dreamdecay N V N V N V (150g vinyl LP, £15.50)

    label: Iron Lung Records

    A lunging, murky noise rock master stroke from this Seattle trio (well, really a quartet since this recording) who is constantly evolving and refining their craft into something truly massive and unique. Don't sleep on this band or you will kick yourself later. We might kick you later too. They are certainly one of the most powerful live bands around and if you've seen them you know we don't lie. If you bought the tour test press version of this on the east coast then you double know we don't lie. 3rd pressing. 300 copies housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket stuffed with insert and download code. Art by J. Gallego. Engineered by Dreamdecay. Mix and master by Jack Shirley. Tracklisting 1: Nveedle 2: Nvun 3: Strinvg 4: / 5: Ceilinvg Fan 6: Emptynv 7: Perpetualnv 8: \

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