• rodan Fifteen Quiet Years (CD, £8.75)

    label: Quarterstick

    ‘Fifteen Quiet Years’ is a celebratory document four years in the making; a repository for all the important Rodan recordings that fans of ‘Rusty’ have long wished they could unearth. · Includes an unreleased BBC studio session for the legendary John Peel show from 1994, as well as Rodan’s long-out-of-print 7”s and compilation tracks. · Features members of June Of ’44, Rachel’s, The Shipping News, The Sonora Pine and Retsin. · Lovingly remastered in 2009 by Bob Weston, Jeff Mueller and Jason Noble at Chicago Mastering Service. · Includes a download coupon for 10 bonus live recordings selected by the band. · Album sleeve letterpress printed by Jeff Mueller at Dexterity Press studio.

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