• spanish dance troupe La Muerte del Amor En Andalucia (CD, £11.50)

    label: ankst

    SPANISH DANCE TROUPE is the musical blanket that envelops the bruised songwriting heart of singer songwriter RICARD. Ricard is a musician of South American and Japanese descent who came to ANKST's attention when he washed up on his travels in Swansea Bay clutching a suite of songs steeped in heartache and written in the universal language of anti-love. The 12 track album LA MUERTE DEL AMOR EN ANDALUCIA is the finished result of these songs being fashioned by Ricard into a thematic recording that gives us a cycle of bitter sweet musical gems that recount the memory of an ill fated love affair played out in the South of Spain. Ricard's exotic background and musically open nature can be heard all through the album as many styles are mixed and presented alternately in melancholic snatches that recall 60's art films next to Casio style bossa pop! Simplicity and authenticity of feeling and performance are the bedrock of this beautiful 'concept' album and ANKST are delighted to be able to offer to the world an album that delivers a beautiful and heartfelt one-off musical vision that comes from a different place but one we believe will find a welcome everywhere it is played and heard.

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