• datblygu 1982-1984 the Early Tapes / Y Tapiau Cynnar (double CD, £12.95)

    label: ankst

    "Datblygu formed in January 1982 in reaction to the brain washing music blindly tolerated by those around them." The words above came from a seventeen year old David R. Edwards as he explained the formation of the most influential of all Welsh bands - DATBLYGU. John Peel favourites with six radio sessions recorded, three thrilling albums - WYAU (1988) / PYST (1990) / LIBERTINO (1993) - that formed the artistic bedrock for the Cool Cymru explosion that went overground in the late nineties and a frontman who came over as an utterly unique Welsh hybrid of Bukowski, Mark E.Smith and Rimbaud. At last here on 1982-1984 THE EARLY TAPES, a 33 track collection, we can finally hear the formative musical manifesto they created in their early history in all its rough majesty. Collected and remastered from five cassette albums released by the band these contain all the energy, humour and attitude that proved so influential in their later work. Basically unheard until now these thirty year old bedroom recordings are testament to the songwriting talent of David R. Edwards and the fecund magic of pissed off youth creating their own futures… 33 tracks remastered and spread over two disks is presented with a 16 page booklet containing archive photos and a brand new written introduction by David R. Edwards.

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