• aidan baker & the plurals Glass Crocodile Medicine (180g blue vinyl LP, £16.50)

    label: Latitudes

    Exclusive recording from Aidan Baker (Nadja) and touring partners Plurals ★ 2 tracks, 39 minutes. It's rare with Latitudes that we have an artist grace our studios more than once. Notable exceptions would be our dear and revered friends Daniel O'Sullivan (Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses and Grumbling Fur) and Alexander Tucker (his solo session, Grumbling Fur and Bardo Pond) and Josh Graham (A Fallen Black Deer, A Storm Of Light, Blood & Time). When Aidan Baker let us know he was back in the UK doing his solo material, we obviously had to ask him to join the exclusive club of repeaters and follow up his exemplary 2010 Nadja session with something entirely different. Aidan brought British tour-mates Plurals to the studio with him. Over the two tracks the collaboration has bore some beautiful and exotic fruit. A gradual unfurling of intricate layers of sound builds and envelopes the listener over “Dead Foxes In The Street"'s twenty minutes, creating a warm and uplifting aural atmosphere. The second half of the session is an entirely different affair. “Turning Children Into Mice” is a brooding, decidedly sinister beast, weaving a repetitive and increasingly dark threat, until it explodes into a hive of noise, and then slowly and poignantly dies a hero's death. This is truly a collaboration that makes the most of the musicians touring synchrony. Mr. Baker has yet again gifted us with a tremendous work, and we thank him and the gentlemen of Plurals. - Allison Schnackenberg, Nov 2012

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