• dreamthief 3  (double CD, £7.50)

    label: Ramp Recordings

    Horizons music are proud to present the next instalment of their much anticipated Dreamthief series. As is familiar with this project the tracklist is a mix of our own artists, some new blood and some guest appearances from some familiar names. The dark and dirty sound of Horizons 2012 is heavily present, but there are tones of light, perhaps less so than Dreamthief 1 or 2. *With tracks taken from the vinyl version on cd1 along with 6 brandnew tracks. Data’s opening “False” is a tonesetter, uneasy, quirky with it offset beats, this one has been huge as in intro to his sets. “Stakeholder” is Dramatic + db Audio’s debut on the label, definitely ones to watch after forays on V recordings, they have a huge 2013 to come. Genotype emerges on Horizons after his last drone roller on Dreamthief 2, Overlook’s slows down the tempo for “Dialogue” first dubstep track on Horizons? The CD finishes with Dally’s opus that is “Pinnacle.” *CD02 is a compilation of our recent back-catalogue, all tracks have appeared on vinyl only, and have been digitally mastered for this CD. *Digipack double CD

 CD1 [HZNCD09] 

FALSE 5:34 Data
BASIC REASON 4:59 Nickbee + Sunchase 
UNDERSTAND ? 5:34 Spinline + Hydro
ELEVATION 5:35 Chris.SU 
STAKEHOLDER 5:54 Dramatic + DB Audio 
LISTA 4:33 Amoss
TOLERATE 5:13 Clarity
BIG MAN TUMPS 5:59 Genotype 
SURVIVORS 6:03 Nitri 
DIALOGUE 5:35 Overlook 
PINNACLE 10:20 Dally 


ENDGAME 5:23 Data
FOOTLOOSE 5:16 Amoss
DISTRICT 6:03 Overlook + Photon
SPLITFACE 6:07 Amoss 
ZONED 5:05 Nickbee + Sunchase 
HUMAN ERROR 6:25 Isotone 
STILL THERE 5:18 Dabs + Amoss 
FAR FETCHED 5:48 Cern + Sabre 
COMPOUNDER 5:35 Nickbee + Sunchase 
TRIPPED 5:15 Amoss
TRIESTE 7:08 Hydro + Halogenix 
PARALLELS 5:12 Clarity
HEARTSHAPED 5:45 Blocks + Escher

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