• waltones The Very Best of the Waltones (numbered blue vinyl LP + coloured vinyl 7", £12.95)

    label: Optic Nerve

    LIMITED TO 500 COPIES. PRESENTED IN GATEFOLD SLEEVE. THIS COMPILATION HAS NEVER BEEN AVAILABLE BEFORE ON VINYL. The Waltones were formed in Manchester in 1986, are great and played proper pre-Madchester indie, they comprised Alex Fyans (Drums), Mark Collins (Guitar), James Knox (Vocals, Harmonica) and Manny Lee (Bass, Backing Vocals), recorded four singles, an album and a Peel session. After the band’s split, Mark Collins the guitarist went off to join The Charlatans. The Waltones may well have gone on to have more success but, Unfortunately, despite gaining much street cred and selling out their LP ‘The Deepest’, their distributor Red Rhino went bankrupt. The new distributor APT refused to take on Red Rhino’s debts and thus no re-press of the album was undertaken. Included in this compilation is the Deepest album and all of the a & b sides of their 7” singles. ‘She looks right through me’ is on the bonus 7” single along with the b sides ‘Special 20’ and ‘Burning Conscience’. TRACKLISTING: LP: 01. SPELL IT OUT 02. I'VE GOT NOTHING 03. EVERYTHING'S JUST FINE 04. THE DEEPEST 05. DON'T UNDERSTAND 06. WHEN IT ALL TURNS SOUR 07. SHE'S EVERYWHERE BUT HERE 08. SMILE 09. A MILLION DIFFERENT WAYS 10. RAINFALL 11. WHAT'S GOING WRONG 12. I'VE GOT NOTHING (LP VERSION) 13. DOWNHILL 14. CLOSEST TO 15. FAILING IN LOVE, 7”: 01. SHE LOOKS RIGHT THROUGH ME 02. SPECIAL 20 03. BURNING CONSCIENCE

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