• bad joke that ended well The Bad Joke That Ended Well (LP, £8.50)

    Here it is! The first release from Stolen Body Records. The Bad Joke That Ended Well's self titled second album. A fierce psychedelic and garage rock album with dips into blues. Album comes with a FREE download. (It will be emailed to you after the purchase). "Stolen Body Records know what the fuck is up. Heavy drug addled blues, booze soaked rock'n'roll perversion. These dudes are keeping the English tradition of the fuzz drenched face melt alive. Do yourself a favour and buy that shit!". - Al Lover. "Prepare for the unexpected genius that is The Bad Joke That Ended Well". "Moving away from their country inspired last release, they've fully evolved, to become not only heavier, but adding a psychedelic flavour reminiscent of The Doors".

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