• drexciya Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller III (CD, £14.25)

    label: clone

    The journey back through Drexciyan history continues with the third part in the Drexciya re-issue series, featuring mindblowing tracks such as ‘You Don't Know’, ‘Intensified Magnetron’, and ‘Aqua Worm Hole’. Some (more) of the finest moments in electronic music history, including previously unreleased material, now available in remastered versions. Essential in every serious electronic music collection. TRACK LIST : 01. Smokeys Illegitimate Report 02. The Countdown Has Begun 03. Auquabahn 04. Intensified Magnetron 05. Seasnake 06. Flying Fish 07. The Mutant Gillmen 08. Unknown Journey IV 09. Nautilus 10. Vampire Island 11. Aqua Worm Hole 12. The Bubble Chamber 13. You Dont Know 14. Red Hills Of Lardossa

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