• invisible things Home Is the Sun (double LP, £14.25)

    label: Porter Records

    Invisible Things is the duo of guitarist Mark Shippy (U.S. Maple) and drummer Jim Sykes (Parts & Labor). Well beyond the stereotypical thoughts of a guitar and drum improv / jam session, the drumming is based the study of Sri Lankan percussion and applied to the modern drum kit. This foundation of the drums allows for explorations by the guitar that is tight and sparse one moment and then seamlessly shifted into majestic swirls of reverberation. The album, comprised of 17 tracks, is presented as one long composition that progresses forward in a logical manner between control and turmoil. The perfect soundtrack for modern day living. TRACK LIST : 01. BEFORE.The.Seventh. 02. Because.IT'S.Not.Real.Yet. 03. MAJOR.Counterpart. 04. Accepting.NEW.Forms. 05. Getting.THROUGH.Accidentals. 06. And.IF.It's.ON. 07. PLEASE.Redirect. 08. Synthetic.Envoy. 09. Weird.Summer. 10. New.FACULTY 11. INTO.Engine. 12. NOW.It's.The.Fourth. 13. Theta.Phase. 14. Spindle.Phase. 15. Spindle.Phase.DELTA.Phase. 16. Home.IS.The.Sun. 17. Letters. →Home.

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