• colin stetson New History Warfare Vol. 1 (LP, £13.50)

    label: Aagoo

    Now also available as a full length vinyl LP! Although there is just a touch of studio treatment on a couple tracks and sampled, spoken intros to a couple more, 'New History Warfare Vol. 1' is essentially an album of solo saxophone performances with no overdubbing. But this is no platform for free blowing and empty showboating; these pieces are clearly through-composed. There is an easily discernible structure, clear logic, and a strong sense of forward momentum to each of these tunes. Stetson's ability to build separate musical lines on top of each other is nothing short of astonishing. It's something like Rahsaan Roland Kirk playing two different melodies against a drone, except Kirk did it on three horns and Stetson is doing it on one. 'New History Warfare Vol. 1' is a truly impressive, fully formed, and highly individual musical statement. It's amazing from a purely technical standpoint, but Stetson's compositions and ability to tell a musical story are what make this a great album. TRACK LISTING 1. And It Thought to Escape 2. Stand, Walk 3. Groundswell 4. Time Is Advancing With Fitful Irregularity 5. Drown the Rats and Giants 6. As a Bird or Branch 7. Ohp 8. Quincy Had a Glandular Problem 9. Nobu Take 10. Tiger Tiger Crane 11. Letter to Hst 12. Our Heartbreak Perfect

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