• the m The M (CD, £5.75)

    label: Erebus

    The festival band The M was a kind of super group since its members where assembled and drafted from other high profile heavy rock/psych outfits. Lead guitarist Takami Asano was drafted in from Godaigo, bassist Yoshimichi Tarumi, Gedo's Tetsuya Nishi on drums and Yellow's Takamichi Tarumi. In 1971 The M was everywhere, playing alongside such luminaries as Creation, Too Much, Murahatchibu and Miki Curtis newly heavy version of Samurai. In April 1971, The M performed at the celebrated Rock Invitation Number One. Later the same year, The M recorded their sole self-titled LP for RCA Records, which was released in 1972. Having failed against all expectations to hit the spotlights the band disbanded shortly afterwards. The A side is comprised of original compositions by the band, whereas the B side is made up out of some well selected cover tunes, with which they always had huge success while performing them live.

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