• dirty fan male  (CD, £3.25)

    label: trunk

    NEW AND IMPROVED! NEW ARTWORK! BONUS TRACK : 'THE LADIES' BRAS'! * Several years ago, Trunk Records issued the CD called Dirty Fan Male. It was an hilarious recording of genuine letters to porn stars, read and performed in familiar `star voices' such as Carey Grant, Obi Wan Kinobe, James Mason and Kenneth Williams. * By 2004, Dirty Fan Male had become a stage show, and was taken to theEdinburgh Fringe Festival where it won massive praise, awards and became the word of mouth hit at the festival. * In 2005 Dirty Fan Male has reached a new level with the launch of the Dirty Fan Male Book, published by HarperCollins plus the Dirty Fan Male documentary for Channel 4. * TRACKLIST 1) I Am A Pervert 2) They Make My Cock Rock Hard 3) Martin's First Letter* 4) Just Like Hilary Clinton 5) Keeping Sexy With Girls 6) Poor Old Ken 7) By A Thursday 8) Woman's Feet 9) Martin's Second Letter* 10) A Blow Job Worth Remembering 11) My Big Rising Willie 12) Elvis, The Unluckiest Guy In The World. 13) Shawshank Redemption (but it isn't) 14) My Special Message: Penis 15) Piccadilly Manchester 16) Female Bum Conscious Aware 17) You Really Turn Me On* 18) I Am Gorilla 19) Don Male 20) I Want To Hold Your Hand* 21) Dear Sexy Charmaine 22) Dale 23) Martin's Third Letter* 24) Diana, Princess Of Wales 25) I Want To Enlarge My Cock* 26) Strawberries And Cream 27) Dirty Letter In Sex 28) My Robotics Project (1) 29) Spunky Arthur 30) Yours Sincerely Lionel 31) My Robotics Project (1) 32) Suck You Out 33) I Ham A Man 34) Martin's Fourth Letter 35) Feed My Cat 36) Does It Go Crossways? 37) I'm Worried 38) Shaking That Bear Bum Cleavage Between 39) Carol Smillie And Carol Vorderman (Live At Wisbey's) *SPECIAL BONUS TRACKS 40) The Spunky Arthur Theme* 41) Martin's Fifth 42) King of England and Norway 43) Flash!! 44) My Perverted Lust 45) The Ladies' Bras

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