• f.u.2. Punk Rock (LP, £15.75)

    label: 1-2-3-4 Go!

    Fake Punk can be some of the best punk! The late 70’s had a bevy of great punk/power pop one off bands. Often secretly and not so secretly fronted by members of famous/semi-famous rock groups. The Pack, Pork Dukes, The Greedies, The Monks (UK) top amongst them but one of the longest and loudest lauded is F.U.2.. *Raw, snotty, and jammed up with hooks and attitude. The group was essentially the 60’s garage/freakbeat band Downliners Sect under an assumed Punk name and recorded over a case of Vodka. *What came out is some of the realest fake punk you’ll ever here. THE EXPLODING HEARTS would later cover their classic “Sniffin’ Glue” which many incorrectly think was a Hearts original. The album has been bootlegged many times since its release over 30 years ago and is finally being treated to a legitimate reissue sourced from the original tapes! Limited run so grab it while you can. *Tracklisting: 01 Playing My Guitar | 02 Tax Exile | 03 Manic Depression | 04 Mean Evil Child | 05 Come On Strong | 06 You Don’t Love Me 07 Star In The Streets | 08 Sniffin’ Glue | 09 Move Around | 10 Rock Club (Down The Roxy) | 11 Out Of School | 12 F.U.2.

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