• data 70 Space Loops Volume Three (white vinyl double 7", £14.95)

    label: enraptured

    Limited 300 copies, gatefold cover. Space Loops Volume Three is the latest instalment in the critically acclaimed series from Data 70, featuring Bob Bhamra (West Norwood Cassette Library) and Jon Chambers (Sunray). It showcases 24 one-minute electronic tracks celebrating the intimacy between man and machine, exploring the space between the inside and the outside, somewhere between the known and the unseen. This is music from a world where psychedelia, TV soundtracks, bleeps and sine waves permeate the atmosphere. It's a world where memories of long, hot summer days and tea before bedtime collide with recollections of restless nights, twisted and uptight. Safe in the knowledge everything's gonna be alright. A world where the Yardbirds and Miles Davis provide the inspiration for song titles (Here Tis and On The Corner anyone?), where the ghosts of Delia Derbyshire and Bob Newman get it on. If you're looking for something to hold on to, you probably won't find it here. God knows the tastemakers won't know what to make of it. Neither should you.

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