• hathaways Parasol Sessions Volume One (CD, £3.95)

    label: parasol

    Led by siblings Kate and James Hathaway, Hathaways stands out from the crowd of indie-pop bands not just for the depth of their songwriting, but also for the unique Andean folk influence on their music, which is evidenced most clearly by Kate’s use of a petite ten-string South American instrument called the charango. The pair has repeatedly toured and played at festivals in Peru, always to a warm reception and great acclaim for the way they infuse American pop music with Peruvian soul. Now, back home and recently augmented by an adept backing band, Hathaways’ music is also gaining appreciation in the US for precisely the same reason: the group builds upon tradition rather than being bound by it. In so doing, Hathaways has developed a sound of their own. Seamlessly melding the exotic charm of the charango with the band’s own refined songcraft and lush male/female harmonies, Hathaways is first and foremost a modern indie-pop band, albeit one with a very unusual and effective twist that makes their sound truly fresh, new, and absolutely one of a kind. Tracks : 1. For The Ride, 2. Johnny Killed Susan, 3. Giving Up On Love, 4. On Your Side, 5. Drive With Me, 6. From The Start, 7. Some Things I Regret, 8. The Record Skips, 9. Wait For Me, 10. Souvenir

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