• spear of destiny The Singles 1983-88 (double CD, £12.50)

    label: anagram

    Includes the UK hit singles ‘The Wheel’ (No.59), ‘Prisoner Of Love’ (No.59), ‘Liberator’ (No.67), ‘All My Love’ (No.61), ‘Come Back’ (No.55), ‘Strangers In Our Town’ (No.49), ‘Never Take Me Alive’ (No.14), ‘Was That You?’ (No.55), ‘The Traveller’ (No.44) and ‘So In Love With You’ (No.36).  Disc 1 concentrates on the standard 7” versions of all the bands singles between 1983 -89 whilst Disc 2 has the 12” mixes with many appearing here on CD for the first time. DISC 1 – THE 7” CD 1. FLYING SCOTSMAN 2. THE WHEEL 3. PRISONER OF LOVE 4. LIBERATOR 5. ALL MY LOVE (ASK NOTHING) 6. COME BACK 7. MICKEY 8. LIBERATOR (DUB) 9. STRANGERS IN OUR TOWN 10. NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE 11. WAS THAT YOU? 12. THE TRAVELLER 13. SO IN LOVE WITH YOU 14. RADIO RADIO DISC 2 – THE 12” CD 1. FLYING SCOTSMAN 2. LIBERATOR 3. ALL MY LOVE (ASK NOTHING) 4. COME BACK (DUB VERSION) 5. COME BACK (WL REMIX) 6. STRANGERS IN OUR TOWN 7. NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE 8. LAND OF SHAME 9. WAS THAT YOU? (PSYCHOLOGICAL MIX) 10. THE TRAVELLER 11. SO IN LOVE WITH YOU 12. RADIO RADIO

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