• grumbling fur Alice (CD, £9.95)

    label: Latitudes

    Limited edition of 500 CDs in foil-blocked letter-pressed die-cut sleeve. We are delighted to announce the release date for our next Latitudes session, a recording by the very wonderful duo Grumbling Fur. Featuring two of our favourite people and musicians, Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan. Both of these gentlemen have graced the series previously – Daniel with his Victorian prog-synth band Miasma And The Carousel Of Headless Horses, and Alexander with Ginnugagap, a solo session, and a guest appearance on a forthcoming set from Bardo Pond. We have long held a flame for Furrier, the Grumbling Fur album on the icy cool Aurora Borealis label. We quickly invited them for a session – but with little expectation of anything happening in the near future. This was a group whose members define the word prolific – O’Sullivan himself had at least four bands on the go at the time. Still, we’re nothing if not hopeful. Lo and behold, ‘The Fur came back with not only a date for recording, but the tantalising prospect of a new sound – more focussed and stripped back – with more ‘pop’ sensibilities coming to the fore. The results are stellar. As soon as the loping breakbeat and pentatonic piano run of “Wylderness Waiting” kicked in, we knew ‘The Fur had created something very special on our behalf – the extra space and minimal approach providing a wonderful backdrop to Alex and Daniel’s instantly recognisable lyrical harmonies. 􀀀H Exclusive recording from Grumbling Fur: Daniel O'Sullivan (Mothlite, Guapo, SunnO)), Aethenor, Ulver) and Alexander Tucker

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