• carlos nino & friends Aquariusssssss (LP, £11.75)

    label: Porter Records

    Carlos Nino (of Build An Ark, AmmonContact, Carlos Y Gaby, Hu Vibrational, and Life Force Trio acclaim) returns with ‘Aquariusssssss’, sampling, editing and processing recordings of the numerous instruments he plays and the various ensembles that he leads. The feel here is more ambient than his previous work, and plays like the soundtrack to a film of psychedelic visuals for exploration, reflection and relaxation. A truly wonderful mix of blissful tones and meditative drones brought to life through the musical collaborations of Dntel, Daedelus, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and others. LP version limited to 500 copies only. TRACK LIST : 01. Mezame (Awakening) (ft Miguel Atwood-Ferguson) 02. Sailing In Concentric Circles (ft turn On The Sunlight) 03. Precipitation Of Paradise 04. Bath Of Breath Crystal Crescendo (ft Build An Ark) 05. “Listening To The Conversation Of The Birds…” (ft Iasos) 06. Shapeshift Of Uranus (ft Dntel) 07. Trance Elation Of Transformance 08. “… And The Fire Dragon Dreams” (ft Jesse Peterson & Janitor) 09. Tears Of Transcendence (ft Ueno Takashi) 10. Yujyou (Friendship) 11. Sparkling Arch Of Existence (ft Daedelus)

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