• admiral fallow Boots Met My Face (LP, £13.95)

    Admiral Fallow, formed in Glasgow, are a gathering of precocious talent fronted by the young foot-stamping, faintly maniacal singer/song-writer Louis Abbott. The band melds clarinet, flute, double bass and two jaw-dropping voices to the usual indie line-up to deliver their joyous, heart-filled, orchestral and beautifully eccentric and well crafted songs. They are fiercely proud of their roots with Abbott's Scottish accent to the fore in his singing, contrasting magically with the Northumbrian tones of Sarah Hayes, the second vocalist. Their sets go from simple voice and guitar compositions, through stomping Wilco-esque tunes to riotous cacophonies of white noise; sung and screamed with utter abandon while the band work themselves into a furious frenzy. Gatefold sleeve, high quality pressing, 4 page printed insert.

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