• rave Live! At the Red Lion (CD, £11.50)

    label: parasol

    Long-promised live album from late-‘70s Illinois rock & roll outfit The Rave. Vintage Midwestern guitar-pop and rock recorded in 1979. Akin to their regional peers of the day, like Cheap Trick, Shoes, and Off Broadway, but with a sense of humor that bordered on the absurd. Fun stuff! The Rave burned new ground on the prairies of Illinois with their cynical look at the world and then current musical trends, like disco. Though they appeared on the scene when new wave and punk rock were picking up steam, The Rave was more of a “good times” yet formidable rock and roll band. They crafted hard driving songs that often had an air of sarcasm about them and were melodic and memorable. The band’s “Odd Fellow” entourage was a powerful joining of musicians from extremely diversified backgrounds both musical and logistical. The Rave’s originators had worked together in Chicago as well as Champaign prior to forming the band. Garrett Oostdyk had been lead guitar player for the famed Finchley Boys, and Lyle Diamond, from Nebraska, had written the material and sang lead for several groups in the Chicago area including country rock group Jesse. Percussionist Tommy Domino had provided the beat for many Champaign bands and went on to become a member of The Last Gentlemen. Oostdyk and Diamond found guitar player/singer/front-man Herbert Tareyton to be a natural to round out the group. An attempt at describing the group visually would take more than a few sentences, but suffice it to say that The Rave were as interesting visually as they were musically… A genuine diamond in the rough in the history of rock & roll. Tracks : 1. Mother 03:39, 2. Pulled Up 06:05, 3. Dream Girls 02:52, 4. Hole In Your Heart 05:35, 5. 12-String 02:57, 6. Test Tube Babies 04:40, 7. Psycho Killer 07:15, 8. Closed Doors 03:54, 9. Carolyn, Caroline 02:24, 10. Long Goodbye 03:34, 11. New York, N.Y. 08:42, 12. Wild, Wild, Wild 03:03, 13. Girlfriend 03:41, 14. Blue Crusties 08:10

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