• future sounds of jazz vol. 12  (double CD, £11.25)

    label: Compost

    TRACKLISTING: CD1 1. Der Dritte Raum - Swing Bop (Acid Pauli’s Kosmik Remix) 2. Anchorsong - Plum Rain 3. Laszlo - NRV 4. Ensemble Du Verre - Emily\\\'s Poem (Rupert & Mennert Snowbound Remix) 5. Letherette - In July Focus 6. Scrimshire - Home (Paper Tiger Remix) 7. Lo Tide - Yello Brick 8. Ensemble Du Verre - The True Grit (A Green Meadow Remix) 9. Sepalcure - Fleur 10. Roberto Di Gioia - Moon And Space 11. Holmby Hills - Jazz 4.2 12. Basti Grub & Mike Trend - Afrika Am Strand (Short Version) 13. Andreas Saag feat. Filip Leyman - Leslies Vision CD2 1. Wareika - Jazz Shaman 2. The Glimmer Twins present The Disko Dru - Snatch 3. Eden - Uncountable Doors (A Green Meadow Remix) 4. Hypnolove - Midnight Cruising (Mickey Moonlight Dub) 5. Dave Aju And The Sol Percussion Ensemble - Vibra 6. Deep Space Orchestra - Sir Shina 7. Ragout De Lapin - Ginger Vibes (short version) 8. Jupiter Tuning Center - Vodka Sour 9. Santos - La Mediana 10. Bibi Tanga - Be Africa (Beg To Differ Mix) 11. Timo Garcia & Manu Delago - The Hang Track Pt. II (Rupert & Mennert Imploded Remix). A classic compilation series revived! On 24 seminal tracks, Compost head honcho Michael Reinboth is exploring musical territories in between jazz and future thinking electronic music once more! Michael Reinboth: It’s five years ago since the last FSOJ Vol. 11 was released, while the first one of this classic series was released in 1995. WelI, I have the feeling we are in a time machine now, back to some roots of FSOJ. Most of the tracks on Vol. 12 reminds me to the vibe of the first two or three editions of this series, especially the slower tunes, well the sound at all, too. I can state: since 2007 till end of 2010 i have had a bit of a lack (with regards to content – bit empty argument place), neither I felt there is a need, nor did i felt the hedonic lust to compile another FSOJ. Well, there were a few good tunes out there that period, but not enough to carpenter and prepackage a whole compilation i would be proud of. Allowedly, between 2007 and 2010 I was, like many others, caught by the disco-, edit- and deep house fever. Well, i still have this temperature, but nowadays such music is going to fuse more with the vibes and ingredients which i was prospecting for FSOJ. My stronger forage for FSOJ tunes started 2010, was tighten up 2011, while i got a déjà-vu: a lot of great future jazzy tunes, very interesting projects are around these days, which are close to the asthetic of sound und feeling of the early and mid Nineties, lot of reminiscence here and there. Anyhow, since Vol. 1 we must notice two totally new generations grown up; isn’t it public that every seven (7) years of music and cultural awareness we can salute to a new generation. I think, the younger projects here (for example: Lo Tide from Australia, Anchorsong and Ragout DeLapin, both acts from Japan, Scrimshire, Letherette, Laszlo, Sepalcure, Eden, Ensemble Du Verre) reflecting this. I don’t mind if someone may deningrate or denuciate this as a lounge revival, it’s about music, not where you listen to this. Recently Mixmaster Morris said in an interview printed in Groove magazine, „it would be so nice and be deserving of a bigger come back at raves, in clubs, wherever“.

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