• wave pictures Long Black Cars / Beer In the Breakers (double LP, £19.75)

    label: Acuarela

    Long Black Cars, the new album from The Wave Pictures, will be released in the UK on April 2nd by Moshi Moshi Records. To coincide with the band's European dates, Acuarela will be releasing a double LP with Long Black Cars and Beer In The Breakers in April 9th. The band will be touring Europe in March, the UK in March and April, and the US in April and May. The 2 x 12” will be limited to 1000 copies and will include the lyrics of both albums plus 3 songs previously released as B-sides. About Long Black Cars: Recorded over 4 days in New York City, The Wave Pictures return with their 5th album, Long Black Cars - 13 tracks of wry, observational lyrics “peppered with details of the everyday”. Produced by long time cohort Stanley Brinks the album features star turns from Wave Pictures’ favourites Turner Cody and The WoWz, and was inspired by topics as diverse as Humphrey Bogart, the story of Job and police brutality. Frontman Dave Tattersall’s vocals are familiarly rich, warm and soulful, with bassist Franic Rozycki’s fretwork on fine form for stand out track “Never Go Home Again”. Accompanied by an unusually mournful arrangement that perfectly reverberates the song’s narrative about a couple on the run, the result is pure poetry through an almost elegiac solemnity. Proceeding track “My Head Gets Screwed On Tighter Every Year” deals with the theme of family feuds - in it, a man addresses his long lost brother - and faces the reality that it is often those closest to you that one knows the least. Elsewhere, standout track “Eskimo Kiss” features drummer Jonny ‘Huddersfield’ Helm’s first recorded vocal on a Wave Pictures album. “This song is very New York to me... a very enigmatic, dark and mysterious lyric...” says Dave Tattersall. Concentrating on finding the beautiful moments in the everyday, “Eskimo Kiss” ponders the little things that keep life exciting. It’s an overarching theme throughout Long Black Cars - “The point is not that it is interesting to sing about the mundane rather than the magical, but that we find the mundane magical: the everyday amazes me.”, explains Tattersall. On this, their fifth official album, The Wave Pictures once again blend their perfect mixture of minor key ballads and characteristic rock’n’roll harmonies - the result is the ebullient, sardonic pop they’ve come to be cherished for. Web : www.thewavepictures.com Track Listing: DISC 1– A SIDE: 1. Blue Harbour / 2. Now Your Smile Comes Over in Your Voice / 3. Little Surprise / 4. Blink Back a Tear / 5. Walk the Back Stairs Quiet / 6. China Whale Brand / 7. I Walked Past Them Sleeping DISC 1– B SIDE: 1. The Worm Inside the Brain / 2. Pale Thin Lips / 3. In Her Kitchen / 4. Beer In The Breakers / 5. Two Lemons, One Lime / 6. Rain Down / 7. Epping Forest DISC 2 – A SIDE: 1. Stay Here and Take Care of the Chickens / 2. Eskimo Kiss / 3. Never Go Home Again / 4. My Head Gets Screwed On Tighter Every Year / 5. Cut Them Down in the Passes / 6. Hoops DISC 2 – B SIDE: 1. Spaghetti / 2. Give Me a Second Chance / 3. The West Country / 4. Come Home Tessa Buckman / 5. Seagulls / 6. Long Black Cars / 7. Stay This Way a Little While

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