• al scorch and the country soul ensemble On the Straight and Low (7", £6.95)

    label: Orange Twin

    + 20 song bonus download. The Country Soul Ensemble is a burgeoning family of musicians that aim to bring you performances of a most heart felt and impassioned virtue. Laughter, shouts, and sobs all shake the soul in the same uncontrollable way, involuntary shudders of what us humans feel. Let it rattle you and don't hold back. Please enjoy. Tracks Side 1. Lonsome Low Side 2. Straighten Out My Laig // + download : 1. Intro/Ms. Rosie 2. Every Time the Baby Cries 3. Maple Jack 4. FUCPD 5. Working Dream 6. 12 Weeks Dead 7. Lay Down and Die 8. Giant Wars and Dinosaurs 9. Moody Blues 10. Africa 11. Chicago 12. Blue Eyed Baby 13. Board up the Windows 14. Insomnia 15. Corn Liquor 16. Mr. Whispers/Simple Man 17. Al's Hard Times 18. Lonesome Live 19. Applause 20. Taters and Gravy 21. Pizza Beach

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